May 07 to September 07 News


Updated 27th September 2007
News Update, week ending 21st September 2007

Brief reports on last week's matches:
Moreton A (Div 1): Roger Abbott and Vitto Ferrari won two singles each and the doubles to earn a draw against Abingdon A;
Moreton B (Div 2): free week;
Moreton C (Div 3): Ian Royle, Nick Redding and Roger Templeman proved much too strong for Abingdon G whose players were in Div 4 last year. A 10-0 victory ensued;
Moreton D (Div 4): Bob Price pulled out with back problems, but Sam Crowther (Div 5) was on hand to substitute and recorded a maximum against Abingdon K. Andy Cook also won 3 to ensure victory.
Moreton E (Div 4): Charlie Lane registered a maximum against Abingdon I, and combined with Nathan Cheong to win the doubles in a 6-4 defeat.
Moreton F (Div 5): Another maximum for Sam Crowther, a feat replicated on league debut by 11-year old Sean Stinson. The pair then won the doubles to beat Abingdon L 7-3.

Updated 8th September 2007
News Update, week ending 7th September 2007

Three members of Moreton TTC took part in the annual Oxfordshire Table Tennis Association Junior County Trials.

Top spot was taken by Joe Cheong who won all his 9 matches against opponents from the Didcot, Oxford and Banbury leagues. This win retained his number 1 county ranking position which he won the previous year.

Club mate Sam Crowther also took part in the event but lost all of his 9 matches. However unlike the result suggests, Sam was in contention in many of his matches as his points tally was good, but did not quite manage to close out the vital points to win the games when it mattered. Sam's most successful match was against 6th place Matthew Cooper. This match went the full distance with Sam only losing 8-11 in the 5th end.

The girl’s trial also took place on the same day. Only 3 girls participated as some girls, including the current number 1 were unable to attend due to work commitments. Moreton’s Jessica Cheong took part and finished second to Didcot’s Nicole Hunt who was undefeated in the trial.


  Played Won Lost Pos
Joe Cheong (Didcot) 9 9 0 1
Ross Henderson (Oxford) 9 8 1 2
Jake East (Oxford) 9 7 2 3
Chris Smith (Oxford) 9 6 3 4
Joe McGiven (Banbury) 9 4 5 5
Matthew Cooper (Oxford) 9 3 6 6*
George May (Oxford) 9 3 6 7*
Rob Wallis (Didcot) 9 3 6 8*
Ben Clark (Banbury) 9 2 7 9
Sam Crowther (Didcot) 9 0 9 10

* On Countback

Played Won Lost Pos
Nicole Hunt (Didcot) 4 4 0 1
Jessica Cheong (Didcot) 4 2 2 2
Nicola Bishop (Oxford) 4 0 4 3

Updated 25th April 2007
News Update, week ending 20th April 2007

Brief Match reports and league positions/individual rankings

Moreton A (Div 1): Turned up in Didcot to play Crown. Venue in use for other games. Not sure what the outcome will be! Team league position 9/10: Joe 21/45, Roger A 25/45, Paul C 26/45, Vitto 34/45.

Moreton B (Div 2): Tim Raby reports on match v Abingdon E:
 5-5 draw (again!). Mark won all three (hard fought 5 enders
against Henri Wibowa & Brian Freeman- he came back from 0-2 down against both),
I won one (beat Robert Cowan 3-0, lost to Henri 1-3, lost to
Brian 2-3) and Derek lost all three. We needed to win doubles to get a
draw. After being 2-0 up we lost the next two games narrowly, the fifth
was an epic - just as we got to deuce they started throwing people out
of the Leisure Centre 'cos it was so late, but they waited 'til we won
18-16 in the fifth.
League position: 8/11 Mark Jones 12/46, Tim 24/46, Richard 29/46, Derek 39/46, Cameron 43/46.

Moreton C (Div 3): Needed to beat Abingdon G to save D team from relegation. James hit a maximum and Ian and Paul won one each - so everything on the doubles..... oh, well! League position 8/12: James 5/53, Ian 13/53, Paul R 28/53.

Moreton D (Div 3): Needed a good result to stave off relegation, but lost 8-2 (Nick and Roger T one each) to a strong Howbery B, so had to rely on the C-team who just failed to deliver. League position 11/12: Roger 11/53, Nick R 15/53, Andy C 30/53, Tak 48/53.

Moreton E (Div 4):Could only find 2 players against Abindon H: lost 8-2 - 1 to Bob P who won the doubles with Mike. League position 6/12: Bob11/57, Martin 23/57, Mike 29/57, Peter Howe 34/57..

Moreton F (Div 4): Lost 10-0 to Sutton D. Charlie failed to turn up. League position 12/12: Charlie 16/57, Nathan 38/57, Jessica 40/57.

Moreton G (Div 5): Couldn't find any team member to support the Evans at Abingdon L, so did well to just lose 6-4 - maximum to John and he won the doubles with Sam. League position 5/8, John Evans 2/42, Sam E 18/42, Roger H 23/42, Richard R 30/42.

Moreton H (Div 5): Went to Wallingford B wanting a good result to enhance promotion chances: won 7-3: Andy B 3, Tom G 2, Sam C 1. Should have played Howbery C too, but Howbery couldn't get a team, so it's up to the League to decide an outcome. League position 1/8, Tom Gray 3/42, Sam Crowther 7/42, Andy 11/42, James McC 36/42.

Moreton I (Div 5): Looked like another two-man team as Jamie Flynn pulled out at the last minute. But James McCrea agreed to sub against Howbery C. Won 6-4 with Heather and Sam T winning two each and the doubles together. James was credited with 1 win. League position 7/8, Anthony 13/42, Bob H 17/42, Heather 22/42, Sam T 24/42, Tom W 25/42, Jamie 34/42.

Updated 16th April 2007
News Update, week ending 13th April 2007

A piece of history was made in the 2006/7 DDTTA Junior Closed Championship which was held last Friday at the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre.
Sixteen year old Joe Cheong (Moreton) won the title for the fourth successive year so equalling George Pullen's record set up in years 1955 to 1958.
In the last match of the evening Joe met Ed O'Neill (Abingdon), both being unbeaten at that stage. Joe's first division experience proved the difference between the two. Both players produced excellent winning shots, but Ed, from division 4, did not have quite the same consistency, even though he led the second game to the halfway mark. Joe went on to win comfortably.
Most of the other players were remarkably well matched and no fewer than four tied for third place.
The presentation was made by DDTTA President, Jim Stevenson.

SCORES. 1st (7 wins) Joe Cheong (Moreton)
  2nd (6 wins) Ed O'Neill (Abingdon)
  3rd (3 wins) Sam Crowther (Moreton), Nicole Hunt (Drayton), David Smart
  (Abingdon), Daniel Stickley (Abingdon)
  7th (2 wins) Jessica Cheong (Moreton)
  8th (1 win) Nathan Cheong (Moreton)