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March 2005 News


Updated 9th March 2005

Moreton Cadets 4th in National Cadet League(Southern Region)

The Moreton Cadet team represented by Joe Cheong, James Goldsby-West, Paul Oakley and Nick Redding (1st Stage only) finished 4th overall in the final weekend of the National Cadet League (Southern Region) held in Chesham, Bucks.

After four weekends of play comprising of fourteen matches against teams within the Southern Region, the Moreton team struggled to find their form at the start of the competition. This was mainly due to the fact that it was Moreton’s debut in this National event and also the relative inexperience of some of its players. Additionally there was strong opposition with at least three competitors being in the top 50 of the ETTA National rankings.

The final day’s play on Sunday 6th March 05 finished with games against Southampton West, Chesham A, Denham and Chesham B. The latter a 5-1 win which saw James Goldsby-West achieving his second maximum of the day against players ranked well above himself.

The team’s 4th position in the top division was an excellent achievement as the original goal set was to retain their place in the top division and not get relegated to the 2nd or 3rd division, taking in consideration the in-experience of the team.

Well done to the boys.

Final Team Stats
Joe P-33 W-28 L-05 Ave-85%
Paul P-30 W-12 L-18 Ave-40%
James P-30 W-07 L-23 Ave-23%
Nick P-06 W-00 L-06 Ave-00%