April 06 to March 07 News


Updated 7th February 2007
News Update, week ending 2nd February 2007

Match Reports

Moreton A (Div 1): No match. Team league position 9/10: Joe 21/43, Roger A 22/43, Paul 26/43.
Moreton B (Div 2): Good draw with division leaders, Drayton B. Mark hit a maximum and won the crucial doubles with Richard. One to Richard too. League position 8/11. Mark Jones 13/45, Tim 25/45, Richard 29/45.
Moreton C (Div 3): Drew with Letcombe B. Two each to James and Ian, one to Paul R. And guess what? Lost the doubles (one doubles win in the last 13 matches). League position 6/12: James 4/51, Ian 13/51, Paul R 25/51.
Moreton D (Div 3): Still competing with Abingdon G for a relegation place but improving! Drew with RAL C. Maximum for Roger T and two for Nick R, but lost the doubles. League position 10/12: Nick R 15/51, Roger 16/51, Andy 41/51.
Moreton E (Div 4): Best not mention this one, especially if Bob, Mike and Martin are in earshot. Well it was against the division's runaway leaders. League position 3/12: Bob 5/56, Peter H 26/56, Mike 29/56, Martin 31/56.
Moreton F (Div 4): Against Robert Saunders' Abingdon G. Charlie won 2, Jess and Nathan 1 each. Lost 6-4, but Paul's assessment was: They could easily have drawn, or even won the match. Jess played well against Robert, taking an end by winning the points rather that Robert losing them. League position 11/12: Charlie 12/56, Nathan 39/56, Jessica 41/56.
Moreton G (Div 5): No match. League position 6/8, John Evans 3/39, Sam E 22/39
Moreton H (Div 5): No match. League position 4/8, Tom Gray 4/39, Sam Crowther 5/39, Andy 26/39.
Moreton I (Div 5):  Lost 6-4 to division leaders Abingdon M for whom Matt Chambers, the division's top player won 3. Anthony and Andy B (sub) both won two. Heather is improving all the time but failed to win this time. League position 5/8 Anthony 12/39, Bob H 14/39, Tom W 20/39, Heather 21/39.
In addition to league matches DDTTA held its Division 5 Individual Championship at Moreton on Friday. Moreton players made a good showing with Tom Gray reaching the semifinals and John Evans taking the title beating Matt Chambers of Abingdon in the final.

Updated 22nd January 2007
News Update, week ending 19th January 2007

Match Reports

Moreton A (Div 1): Away to Didcot A in league: lost 9-1: Roger won Moreton's. Team league position 9/10: Joe 19/42, Roger A 21/42, Paul 26/42.
Moreton B (Div 2): Lost Handicap match 7-2: Tim and Richard winning one each. Derek's handicap number unkind, based on very little data! League position 6/11. Mark Jones 18/45, Tim 24/45, Richard 27/45.
Moreton C (Div 3): Won Handicap match 5-4 at RAL C: two each to James and Paul R, one to Ian. League position 6/12: James 5/51, Ian 14/51, Paul R 25/51.
Moreton D (Div 3):  Won Handicap 7-2 against Abingdon L youngsters. Maximum for Nick: Roger and Andy two each. League position 12/12: Nick R 20/51, Roger 22/51, Andy 39/51, Tak 42/51.
Moreton E (Div 4): Won Handicap 5-4 against Grove - two each to Martin and Mike, one to Bob. League position 3/12: Bob 4/55, Peter H 23/55, Mike 28/55, Martin 36/55.
Moreton F (Div 4): Won Handicap at Abingdon J 5-4. Three to Charlie and one to Jessica to make it 4-4. Nathan secured the win with a fifth set victory. League position 11/12: Charlie 13/55, Nathan 40/55, Jessica 42/55
Moreton G (Div 5): Lost Handicap 5-4 at Letcombe C despite a maximum from John Evans and one from Sam Evans. League position 6/8, John Evans 3/36, Sam E 25/36
Moreton H (Div 5): Lost Handicap 5-4 at Abingdon I despite three for Tom Gray and one for Sam Crowther. League position 3/8, Tom Gray 4/36, Sam Crowther 5/36, Andy 26/36
Moreton I (Div 5):  Managed to get the I team into the Handicap, but travel difficulties and illness prevented a team going to Sutton D, so match conceded. League position 5/8, Bob H 12/36, Anthony 13/36, Tom W 19/36, Heather 20/36.

Updated 15th January 2007
News Update, week ending 12th January 2007

Match Reports

Moreton A (Div 1): Home to Abingdon B: lost 7-3 - not helped by Roger A catching up on his beauty sleep on trains in the Thames Valley. Paul, Joe, Roger won one apiece. Team league position 8/10: Joe 19/42, Roger A 24/42, Paul 25/42.
Moreton B (Div 2): No match. League position 6/11. Mark Jones 18/45, Tim 24/45, Richard 27/45.
Moreton C (Div 3): Home to D. Draw - two wins each for James and Paul, one for Ian, but unlucky to lose two 5-setters. League position 6/12: James 5/51, Ian 14/51, Paul R 25/51.
Moreton D (Div 3): Away to C: Maximum for Roger T, one for Nick: Roger and Tak won a close doubles. League position 12/12: Nick R 19/51, Roger 21/51, Andy 39/51, Tak 41/51.
Moreton E (Div 4): Home draw to Abingdon J. Bob Price recorded a maximum without losing a game, Martin and Mike won one match each. Doubles lost 10-12 in the fifth. League position 3/12: Bob 3/55, Peter H 22/55, Mike 27/55, Martin 34/55.
Moreton F (Div 4): Lost 7-3 at home to Grove. Charlie won 2 and Nathan 1: all showing improvement since they played the same opposition near start of season. League position 11/12: Charlie 12/55, Nathan 40/55, Jessica 41/55
Moreton G (Div 5): No match. League position 6/8, John Evans 2/36, Sam E 25/36
Moreton H (Div 5): No match. League position 3/8, Tom Gray 3/36, Sam Crowther 5/36.
Moreton I (Div 5):  No match. League position 5/8, Bob H 10/36, Anthony 11/36, Tom W 18/36, Heather 19/36.

Updated 15th October 2006
News Update, week ending 13th October 2006

Match Reports

Moreton A (Div 1):  Oh dear! Whitewashed by those nice chaps from Crown who are division leaders. Position 7/10: Ross 12/38, Paul 24/38.
Moreton B (Div 2): More grief - lost 9-1 at Drayton B. We could only muster Richard and Tim: Tim won our one. League Position 5/11. Mark Jones 13/36, Cameron 21/36.
Moreton C (Div 3): Lost the crucial doubles at home to Letcombe B after James had crafted an excellent maximum. League position 4/12: Ian & James =8/43.
Moreton D (Div 3): Lost 8-2 at RAL D, with Tak and Nick winning one each. League position 10/12: Nick 12/43.
Moreton E (Div 4): .Lost 6-4 at home to Letcombe D for whom Jamie Soames won three and took the doubles with Phil Richards. Peter Howe won two for us, and Bob and Mike one each. League position: 2/12, Bob & Peter =4/46.
Moreton F (Div 4): Home to Abingdon J. Another of our teams to lose an important doubles to lose 6-4. Charlie hit an excellent maximum and showed good temperament. Nathan won 1, and Jessica desperately unlucky to get a duck, losing in the 5th game of two matches by 12-14 and 13-15. League position: 10/12, Charlie =4/45
Moreton G (Div 5): played Moreton I with Sam Evans showing further improvement to win the team's game. League position 2/8, Richard Redding =2/20, Sam Evans 8/20.
Moreton H (Div 5): achieved their first objective of finding Abingdon H's venue but lost 7-3, with Tom Gray winning two and Sam Crowther 1. League position 3/8, Sam C 1/20, Tom Gray 10/20.
Moreton I (Div 5): Their first match beating Moreton G 9-1, with maximums to Bob Howarth and Anthony Stiff, and Heather winning 2 and winning the doubles with Anthony. League position 4/8, Bob and Anthony =2/20, Heather 10/20.

Updated 1st October 2006
News Update, week ending 29th September 2006

Match Reports

Moreton A (Div 1):  free week. League Position 6/10: Ross 9/34
Moreton B (Div 2): Home to Upton. Started badly going 4-0 down. Two from Richard Smith and substitute Roger Templeman got it back to 5-4. Richard and Tim Raby win the doubles to gain a draw. League Position 4/11. Mark Jones 5/32
Moreton C (Div 3): Away at RAL D. Lost 7-3, Ian won 2 and James 1. League position 5/12: Ian 3/41.
Moreton D (Div 3): Lost 8-2 at home to league leaders Drayton C. Moreton's games won by Ian Royle (substitute) and Nick Redding. League position 7/12: Nick 4/41.
Moreton E (Div 4) .'Away' to Moreton F. Sam Crowther given taste of Div 4 play. Peter Howe's maximum and Mike Dawes' two set up victory as the pair won the doubles. League position: 1/12, Bob 2/45, Peter 7/45.
Moreton F (Div 4): Home to Moreton E. Lost 6-4 with Charlie winning two and the Cheong twins one apiece. League position: 11/12, Charlie 12/45
Moreton G (Div 5): played Moreton H. Sam Evans on debut won two and Josh Neal and Megan Redding credited with wins against the missing opponent. League position 3/8, Richard Redding 2/11, Sam Evans 5/11
Moreton H (Div 5): played Moreton G and won with two players: Sam Crowther a maximum, and new player Tom Gray 2, and they won the decisive doubles together. League position 1/8, Sam C 1/11, Tom Gray, Tom Wigg 5/11.
Moreton I (Div 5): no match

Updated 24th September 2006
News Update, week ending 22nd September 2006

Match Reports

Moreton A (Div 1): Our young guns proved just too good for an ageing RAL A team. An excellent maximum from 15-year old Ross Saxby who combined with Joe Cheong (16) to win the decisive doubles. Joe's 5-game win against former world doubles champion Alf Davies (79) included winning the second 17-15.
Moreton B (Div 2): Mark Jones proved an excellent acquisition for the bewly promoted B team and we hope to have many more contributions from him during the season. He registered a maximum and won the doubles with Cameron to get the team off to a winning start. Cameron, who leaves us soon for Portsmouth University, won two.
Moreton C (Div 3): Game postponed - by opponents Howbery B
Moreton D:(Div 3) Our other promoted team, this season led by Andy Cook. They also opened their account with a 6-4 victory: this was at Wallingford A for whom Tony Quinn won all three, but with Andy, Nick Redding and Tak all winning two, the job was done.
Moreton E:(Div 4) In the absence of skipper Mike Dawes, Richard Redding substituted and won all three. Bob Price also recorded a good maximum against an experienced Grove team. Martin Zolkiewicz smashed his way to a win to complete a 7-3 victory.
Moreton F:(Div 4): Our young team of Jess and Nathan (both just 13) and Charlie Lane (12) gave a good account of themselves despite going down to an 8-2 defeat to an Abingdon H team with two adults and a junior with plenty of league experience. Charlie won our 2 and we got 1 league point.
Moreton G (Div 5): had a free week
Moreton H:(Div 5) Three youngsters making their league debuts travelled to Howbery C for their first taste of league action. Tom Wigg 13?), Sam Crowther (14), and James McCrea (12) appeared to enjoy the experience. To their great credit they managed to draw the match. Many thanks to parents for arranging travel and attendance - much appreciated.

Updated 9th September 2006
News Update, week ending 15th September 2006

2006 OTTA Junior Trials

The OTTA Junior (U18) Trials took place on Saturday 9th September at South Moreton School

Final Positions:-

1st Joe Cheong (Didcot) - 9 Wins, 0 Losses
2nd Peter Harris (Banbury) - 7 Wins, 2 Losses
3rd George May (Oxford) - 6 Wins, 3 Losses
4th Ross Henderson (Oxford) - 6 Wins, 3 Losses
5th Paul Oakley (Didcot) - 6 Wins, 3 Losses
6th Jack Garner (Banbury) - 4 Wins, 5 Losses
7th Michael Rowen (Banbury) - 4 Wins, 5 Losses
8th Conner Boyd (Banbury) - 2 Wins, 7 Losses
9th Mark Fairburn (Banbury) - 1 Win, 8 Losses
10th Mark Sheppard (Oxford) - 0 Wins, 9 Losses

Although a few of the regular juniors were not available to play due to other commitments, competition was still fierce and each point and game was competed for with great determination. Top seed Joe Cheong of Didcot (Moreton) triumphed with 9 wins from 9, but it was not as easy as ends were dropped against Jack Garner, Peter Harris, George May, Conner Boyd and Paul Oakley. The last against Paul was a 5 setter with Paul taking a 1-0 game lead and also a 5 points to 3 lead in the final set. However Joe took the next 8 consecutive points to win the match (12-14,11-4,11-3,8-11,11-5).

The ever improving Peter Harris finished 2nd with 7 wins from 9, which was 9 places better that the 2005 trial. His other loss apart from Joe was against Paul Oakley in a close 17-15,8-11,8-11,5-11. Paul's close block defence overcoming Peters topspin game.

Three players, George May, Ross Henderson and Paul Oakley each finished with identical wins of 6 wins from 9. Match Referee Neil Hurford separating the final positions on the results between the 3 players. George beat both Ross (11-9, 11-6, 11-7) and recovering from 1-2 down against Paul (11-7,9-11,5-11,11-7,11-5), and Ross beating Paul (11-9,4-11,11-9,12-10).

In 6th and 7th place was Jack Garner and Michael Rowen, again separated by the result against each other as both had finished on 4 wins from 9. The match between the two was won by Jack (11-6,11-2,11-6) which was closer than the score line suggests. Jack played a defensive tactical blocking and lobbing game and waited for mistakes from Michael.

Conner Boyd finished 8th with close 5 set wins against Mark Sheppard (9-11,11-7,10-12,11-8,11-7) and Mark Fairburn (7-11,10-12,11-7,11-8,11-6). In both games Conner came back from 1 and 2 game deficits but won through with sheer determination.

Mark Fairburn showed a big improvement and successfully broke his duck as he came away from May's County Top 10 tournament without a win. This time he won against debutant Mark Sheppard (11-6,11-5,11-3). Two of his other games were lost in 5 sets (Boyd, Rowen) and one in 4 against Paul Oakley.

Debutant Mark Sheppard from Oxford, the younger brother of former county No3. junior Laura Sheppard, found it tough. His opening game against Joe was a respectable 7-11,9-11,5-11. Although his other 8 games were also losses they could so easily been wins on another day as 3 were lost in the final set (Boyd, Oakley, Garner) and 3 in 4 sets (May, Rowen, Harris).

Thanks especially to the county for their support, to Neil for arranging the match schedules, SMS and MTTC for providing the venue and finally to all who helped make this a successful day. Special thanks also to the parents and coaches for transporting the players!

Updated 7th May 2006
News Update, week ending 5th May 2006

Match Reports
On Wednesday 3 May we played two 2-player team friendly matches against two Abingdon teams with all players being cadets. Abingdon's youngsters were all non-league. Our teams were Sam Crowther & Megan Redding, and Tom Wigg & James McCrea. Apart from Megan it was the first time that our players had experienced competitive match play. All coped well with the challenges, and although Tom was our only winner, all enjoyed the evening and hopefully will be encouraged to want more!

On Friday 5 May DDTTA held its Junior Closed Championships in Abingdon. Here follows a report written by the organiser - there was a good and successful representation from MTTC:


Finals between Joe Cheong (Moreton) and Robert Hudson (Drayton) are becoming a habit. This year the pair contested the final once again.

Joe, the current champion, won all his qualifying matches without being stretched. So too did Robert.

In the semi-final against Paul Oakley (Sutton), Joe made it more like a demolition job with Paul never in it. Robert had it less easy against James Goldsby-West (Moreton), dropping the opening game 10-12.

In the first game of the final an upset looked on the cards when Hudson took a 9-3, then a 10-6 lead, but Joe had a run of points to win 13-11. Joe had a less difficult second game with an 11-8 scoreline. The third followed a similar pattern with Joe leading 10-7, but Robert rallied to 9-10 before Joe made sure of the championship for the third successive year with a whipping forehand drive.

1 Joe Cheong (Moreton). 2 Robert Hudson (Drayton). 3 James Goldsby-West (Moreton). 4 Paul Oakley (Sutton). 5 Isabel Hessey (Sutton). 6 Kota Goto (Abingdon). 7 Rob Wallis (Grove). 8 Charlie Lane (Moreton). 9 Ben Prior (Letcombe). 10 Matt Lolli (Abingdon). 11 Jessica Cheong (Moreton). 12 Nathan Cheong (Moreton). 13 Daniel Stickley (Abingdon). 14 David Smart (Abingdon). 15 Martin Evans (Abingdon).

Updated 30th April 2006
News Update, week ending 28th Apr 2006

On Friday 28 April DDTTA held its Cadet Closed Championships in Abingdon. This was won by Kota Goto of Abingdon: four of our youngsters entered although well under the age limit of 15, and performed well to finish in the following positions:

4. Jessica Cheong (Moreton)
5. Nathan Cheong (Moreton)
8. Sam Crowther (Moreton)
11. Megan Redding (Moreton)

Match Reports
In last week's reports I forgot to mention Moreton D's last match of the season. It was against old rivals Wallingford who needed to win to finish runners up to Moreton D. Things got off to a bad start when Wallingford refused to allow Richard Redding to play as a substitute, so we were reduced to just Nick Redding and Tak playing. They responded to the challenge with Nick winning three and Tak two to ensure a draw. The beneficiaries were Abingdon I who are promoted with Moreton D.

Final League Positions:
A (Div 1): 9th: Roger A 14th/59, Joe 30th.
B (Div 3): Champions: Cameron 1st/53, Tim 4th, Richard 7th
C (Div 3): 7th: Roger T 10th/53, Ian 12th, James 22nd
D (Div 4): Champions: Tak 2nd/57, Nick 5th, Mike 8th.
E (Div 4): 9th: Richard R 28th/57, Bob 31st, Roger H 35th, Martin 40th