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Updated 3rd Jun 2009
News Update, DDTTA Senior Closed League Championship - Sun 31st May 2009

Congratulations to Joe who won the main Open Singles event in his first year as a senior. He won the Juniors for the last 5 year so is now expected to win this event for the next 4 years to equal his Junior Record. Joe also won the doubles with partner Nick.
There was also an excellent victory to Markus in the handicap singles in his first season in DDTTA. Congratulations!
Sorry about the Vets Mike!!
Finally a special mention regarding the Handicap Singles – 5th division Billy Priestley beat 2nd division Stuart Walker 64-36 in the handicap group stage (Billy had a 29 point start) This was the highest score of the day and a new DDTTA record! Bad luck Stu mate.
Trophies will be presented to all winners and runners up ...... once they have been ordered!!
Open Singles (Winner Joe Cheong)
Group Winners & Runner Ups

Group 1
Winner – Joe Cheong, R/Up – Geoff Burton
(3rd Pat O’Regan, 4th Sam Crowther)

Group 2
Winner – Paul Cheong, R/Up – Markus Wagner
(3rd David Smart, 4th Chris Hasker)

Group 3
Winner – Anders Markvardsen, R/Up – Mike Aistrop
(3rd Charlie Lane , 4th Roger Templeman, 5th Birgit Muller)

Group 4
Winner – Nick Pattman, R/Up – Stuart Walker
(3rd John Tremayne, 4th Billy Priestley, 5th Maha Ramanathan)

Quarter Finals
Q/F1 Joe beat Stuart 3-0 (11-5, 11-6, 11-8)
Q/F2 Markus beat Anders 3-0 (11-8, 11-7, 11-6)
Q/F3 Nick beat Geoff (11-3, 11-2, 11-9)
Q/F4 Paul beat Mike (11-9, 10-12, 15-13, 9-11, 11-3)
Semi Finals
SF1 Joe beat Markus 3-2 (11-7, 8-11, 13-11, 9-11, 11-5)
SF2 Paul beat Nick 3-1 (11-6, 3-11, 11-7, 11-6)

Joe beat (was given!) Paul 3-0 (11-6, 11-6, 11-9)

Open Doubles (Winner Nick Pattman, Joe Cheong)

Semi Final 1
Joe Cheong & Nick Pattman beat Roger Templeman & Markus Wagner 3-0 (11-9, 11-9, 11-9)
Semi Final 2
Mike Aistrop & Pat O’Regan beat Chris Hasker & Anders Markvardsen 3-2 (14-12, 11-9, 9-11, 5-11, 14-12)

Joe & Nick beat Pat & Mike 3-0 (11-8, 11-1, 11-4)

Handicap Singles (Winner Markus Wagner)

Quarter Finals
Q/F1 Nick beat Charlie Lane 44-43 (Charlie had a 22 point start)
Q/F2 Markus beat David 44-26 (David had a 20 point start) Amazing score!!
Q/F3 Joe beat Mike 41-34 (Mike had a 4 point start)
Q/F 4Geoff beat Pat 43-39 (Geoff had a 2 point start)
Semi Finals
SF1 Geoff beat Joe 41-39 (Geoff had a 12 point start)
SF2 Markus beat Nick 51-35 (Markus had a 10 point start)

Markus beat Geoff 41-40 (Geoff had a 2 point start)

VETS Singles (Winner Paul Cheong)
Semi Final
SF1 Mike Aistrop beat Geoff Burton 3-2 (11-9, 11-9, 3-11, 9-11, 11-7)
SF2 Paul Cheong beat Pat O’Regan 3-1 (14-12, 11-5, 10-12, 11-9)

Paul beat Mike 3-2 (1-11, 11-8, 10-12, 11-6, 11-9)

Updated 16th Oct 2008
News Update, week ending 10th Oct 08

Last week’s match reports with captain/match reporter comments…..

Moreton A – No match, free week

Moreton B – Match postponed by Moreton against Drayton C as we only one player was available.

Moreton C – Lost 4-6 to a strong BR Didcot E team. Sam from our E team played as substitute (many thanks Sam!) but found the opposition a bit strong. However a fantastic maximum from Richard Hudson helped the team to 2 valuable points. Bob Price (our Chairman) also contributed to the points by battling his way to victory against Bruce McKenzie winning 16-14 on an edge!! The doubles however was not so lucky so we did not manage to get the draw.

Moreton D – Won 6-4 against Moreton E. Another Charlie Lane maximum keeping his100% record with 9 wins from 9. Jessica picked up a good win against Sam in a hard hitting game.

Moreton E – Lost 4-6 to Moreton D. Excellent 2 wins to Sean over Jessica and Nathan. Graham was unlucky in not picking up his first win of the season, having a very close game with Jessica which could of have a reverse result.

Moreton F – Lost 3-7 to Abingdon K. The opening match between Frank and Simon Price of Abingdon went the full distance, with Frank coming out on the wrong end losing 9-11 in the 5th. This match could easily have gone to Moreton as Frank was leading 2-1 in games. Only 1 match during the evening was won in 3 games. The others were all won by Abingdon in 4 or 5 ends. Joseph was also on the wrong end of a 5 setter with Simon.

The pleasing thing is that the team seem to be improving with every game and their first win will come very shortly!

Updated 5th Oct 2008
News Update, week ending 3rd Oct 2008

Last week’s match reports with captain/match reporter comments…..

Moreton A – Match was postponed by BR Didcot B

Moreton B – Lost 3-7 to Abingdon B. A gallant effort with only 2 players! 2 wins by Nick against strong opponents. Good win for Jay against Robert Cowans after being 2-0 down.

Moreton C – Match was postponed by us due to lack of players. (Andy on Honeymoon!)

Moreton D – Won 6-4 against Letcombe D. Second maximum for Charlie who keeps his 100% record. Good win for Nathan against Steve B.

Moreton E – Lost 3-7 to Letcombe C. Sean won 2 and I won 1 before Sam hit the table with his bat injuring his finger. Graham was on the wrong side of a couple of close games.

Moreton F – Lost 4-6 to Wallingford B. The Regal at Wallingford on Monday evening witnessed a nail-biting close and tense match between Wallingford B and Moreton F with the club’s new young team Moreton F taking the lead mid-match, where a delighted 12 year old Frank Widdowson-Ilett from Didcot had his first 3-0 win against Alec Hayford from Wallingford B.
Moreton F's assertive Joseph Wilson whipped away 2 games and the Dynamic Howard Hawkins clinched 1 but Bruce Harding, Owen Wells and Alec Hayford from Wallingford B eventually proved a little too strong and came back overcoming Moreton F 6-4.

Thanks for the above Amy. It would be excellent to get match reports from all other teams so we can publish on the web.

Updated 10th May 2008
News Update, week ending 9th May 2008

DDTTA Junior Closed Championships - Held Friday 9th May 2008 at Abingdon

The record book was sent tumbling at the DDTTA Junior Closed Championship held at Abingdon on Friday May 9th.
Joe Cheong (Moreton) had won the title on the previous 4 occasions to equal the previous record. Now it is 5 in a row and this exceeds the record set up in the fifty/sixties by George Pullen. This remarkable achievement will now come to an end as Joe will be over age next year.
Another record was the 21 entries with late applicants being turned away.
The first semi-final saw James Goldsby-West (Moreton) comfortably beat Ben Prior (Letcombe) and in the second Joe Cheong beat Kota Goto (Abingdon).
Joe took the first game in the final 11-5, but James, who decided that all-out hitting was his only chance of success, romped home in the second 11-8. A close final game did not materialise as the players changed over with Joe leading 5-1. James came back a little but it was too late, Joe winning 11-5.
The presentation was made by the DDTTA Vice-chairman, John Talbot.
1. Joe Cheong (Moreton) 6 wins
2. James Goldsby-West (Moreton) 5
3. Ben Prior (Letcombe)3
4. Kota Goto (Abingdon)3
5. Charlie Lane (Moreton)2
6. Isabel Hessey (Sutton) 1
7. Nicole Hunt (Drayton) 1
1. David Smart (Abingdon)6
2. Jessica Cheong (Moreton)4
3. Chad Silk (Abingdon)3
4. Nathan Cheong (Moreton)3
5. Sean Stinson (Moreton)2
6. Sam Crowther (Moreton)2
7. Ryota Goto (Abingdon)1
1. Christian Reedman (Abingdon)5
2. George Lee (Abingdon)5
3. Sam Prior (Letcombe)4
4. Alex Emery (BR Coaching)4
5. Simon Price (Abingdon)2
6. Sophie Peake (Abingdon)1
7. Seb le Maguet (Abingdon)0
David Smart (winner group B) beat Christian Reedman (winner group C)
Kota Goto (4th Group A) beat David Smart

Updated 29th March 2008
News Update, week ending 28th March 2008

DDTTA Cadet Championships - Held Friday 28th March 2008 at Abingdon

Charlie Lane wins the DDTTA Cadet Championship after beating Sean Stinson 2-0 in the play-off final. Both Charlie (lost to Sean 1-2 in an earlier round) and Sean (lost to Abingdon's David Smart) reached the play-off final with one defeat from 10 matches.

Moreton's Nathan Cheong made it possible for Charlie to reach the playoff by beating David Smart 2-0 in his last match. This was David's first defeat of the night, at that point he had won 8 from 8. This set up a final match between Charlie and David with the winner going on to play Sean in the play-off final. Charlie's destiny was back in his own hands and he duly obliged by defeating David in their 10th and final game.

In the play-off final, Charlie was determined to revenge his earlier defeat by Sean. He played a more aggressive game with some good counter hitting. He won the first end 11-8 and the second and final end 11-5.

This made for a good evening for the Moreton players as the 4 representatives all finished in the top 5 places from 11 players. Nathan finished strongly with 7 wins from 10, losing in the earlier rounds to the other 3 Moreton players (Charlie, Sean and Jessica). Jessica finished equal 4th with Nathan with an identical 7 wins from 10. Her defeats were against Charlie, Sean and David Smart.

Finishing Positions:

  1st Charlie Lane (Moreton) - 9 wins, 1 defeat
  2nd Sean Stinson (Moreton) - 9 wins, 1 defeat
  3rd David Smart (Abingdon) - 8 wins, 2 defeats
=4th Jessica Cheong (Moreton) - 7 wins, 3 defeats
=4th Nathan Cheong (Moreton) - 7 wins, 3 defeats

Updated 12th March 2008
News Update, week ending 7th March 2008

Last week's matches:

Moreton A (Div 1) played Abingdon A who had only two players, so Joe and Paul will be credited with one win each. James subbed up from Div 2. Final result 7-3 defeat. League position 10/11.

Moreton B (Div 2) went to Upton A to play their scheduled match but found no opposition - just a Brownie pack in the hall. Match to be rearranged. League position: 8/11.

Moreton C (Div 3) with only two players drew at Abingdon F to move into second place with games in hand on the leaders. Roger T maximum, and Ian 2. Tom played as substitute as he was also playing for the D team on the adjacent court. League position: 2/11 Individual Rankings: Roger 7/49, Nick 10/49, Ian 12/49.

Moreton D (Div 4) beat Abingdon H 7-3 with just Andy C and Tom who both recorded maximums and won the doubles together. League position 4/12. Individual rankings: Andy C 2/56, Tom 12/56, Bob 14/56.

Moreton E (Div 4) lost 8-2, with Charlie winning two singles against Abingdon J. League position 10/12. Charlie remains top of the individual rankings.

Moreton F (Div 5) match at Drayton was cancelled with little notice as Drayton could not raise a team. I hope none of the team travelled to Drayton. League position: 4/8. Individual rankings: Sam 6/43, Sean 11/43.

Moreton H (Div 5) played RAL F, and lost narrowly with just two players. Jay recorded a maximum and Hiten won one. League position: 6/8. Individual rankings: Hiten 10/43, Andy 13/43.
There was a novices match v Abingdon arranged at short notice for Friday, but no Moreton players turned up.

Updated 28th February 2008
News Update, week ending 22nd February 2008

Last week's matches:

Div 1: Moreton A had an excellent 6-4 win at Drayton A, with a maximum for Roger A, 2 for Professor Ferrari, and one to Joe. League position: 10/11

Div 2: Moreton B: match postponed - Sutton B unable to get a team. League Position 7/11.

Div 3: Moreton C took on the league leaders Letcombe B and won 8-2. Ian got a maximum, Roger T and Nick R two each, and Roger and Ian won the doubles from 2 down. League position: 3/11. Individual rankings: Nick 9/49, Roger 10/49, Ian 13/49.

Div 4: Moreton D beat Sutton D 8-2 with Tom winning three, and Bob and Andy two each. Tom and Bob won the doubles. League position: 4/12. Individual rankings: Andy 2/56, Bob 12/56, Tom 14/56.

Moreton E beat RAL E with a maximum for Charlie, and two for Nathan. The boys won the crucial doubles. League position: 10/12. Individual rankings: Charlie 1/56

Div 5: Moreton F didn't have a match.

Moreton H postponed against Upton B. So all the teams that played, won!

Updated 15th January 2008
News Update, week ending 11th January 2008

Brief reports on last week's matches:

Moreton A (Div 1):  v Didcot B postponed. League position 10/11;
Moreton B (Div 2): First team not to have been beaten by RAL C: draw with Mark winning 3 and Derek 2. League position: 7/11;
Moreton C (Div 3): Now the only unbeaten team in Div 3. Nick, Ian and Roger T two each against Didcot D
League position 3/12 (but games in hand);
Moreton D (Div 4): just pipped by top team Wallingford who won the crucial doubles: Tom won 2, Bob and Andy one each. League position: 3/12 (but other teams have matches in hand);
Moreton E (Div 4): Second consecutive 6-4 victory! Another maximum to Charlie (who remains top of the individual rankings), and one to sub Andy Benning. League position: 9/12
Moreton F: (Div 5): New player Jay Patel kicked off with a maximum, and Sam got 2 and Sean 1 in 7-3 win.
League position: 4/8.
Moreton H: (Div 5): Won 8-2 with Hiten hitting a maximum, Roger H and team captain Andy Benning two each. League position: 6/8 (but 2nd if adjusted for games played).
A pretty satisfactory week!

Updated 13th December 2007
News Update, week ending 7th December 2007

Brief reports on last week's matches:

The only table tennis match was our first round Bidmead Cup tie which we asked to play away from home given the problems at South Moreton School. We were quite keen to win as Moreton are the current holders. Because Roger's mind had been on other things, it was rather a makeshift team we took to Letcombe (well, Roger was playing), but one of our youngsters, Sam Crowther, smashed his way to a maximum and we won 6-3, with Bob Price contributing a crucial win. Next up it's Grove in the Quarter Final: venue to be determined.

Updated 25th November 2007
News Update, week ending 23rd November 2007

Brief reports on last week's matches:

Moreton A (Div 1): Lost 1-9 to Crown, 'but it was a close match' with Vitto winning the one. League position 8/11.
Moreton B (Div 2): I don't know, and the Fixture Secretary doesn't know. League 10/11.
Moreton C (Div 3): Took Drayton D to task with Roger T and Richard Smith getting maximums. Nick R got one and won the doubles with Richard, so 8-2. League 2/11. Individual rankings:
Moreton D (Div 4): With Mike not well, just Bob and Andy went to RAL E and won all the games played, so a 7-3 winning result. League 6/12.
Moreton E (Div 4):  Lost 3-7 at Abingdon K. Charlie 2, Nathan 1. League: 10/12. Charlie tops the individual rankings.
Moreton F (Div 5): Played Moreton H, with Sean playing for both teams as John E didn't want to play. League: 4/6
Moreton G (Div 5): Withdrawn from League: Upton B couldn't play us, and that just left too many matches to make up.
Moreton H (Div 5): Played Moreton F - excellent debut maximum for Hiten Patel.

Updated 1st October 2007
News Update, week ending 28th September 2007

Brief reports on last week's matches:

Moreton A (Div 1): Travelled to Didcot B and won 6-4 with maximums from Roger Abbott and Joe Cheong. Joe came from 0-2 down to beat RJ Jones to secure the points. and leave the team 2nd in the division!
Moreton B (Div 2): Travelled to RAL C for their first match: don't ask! ..... (0-10?)
Moreton C (Div 3): Ian Royle and Nick Redding registered further maximums and substitute Roger Haycock chipped in with one in a 7-3 victory at Didcot D. They stay top.
Moreton D (Div 4): Went to Wallingford with only two players and lost 9-1.
Moreton E (Div 4): Charlie Lane won 2 in a 8-2 defeat at Grove.
Moreton F (Div 5): No game,